Friday, August 1, 2014

Iron Wolves - 40K - Recap from awhile back.

This was published 2 years ago on a defunct blog, but since I have been working on this army for 2 years I have decided to restart up my own blog to capture the information and painting I have done.  With the advent of 7th Edition and the forth coming new SW Codex, much has changed.  I have stayed true to the Iron Wolves build and intend to continue it.

     I've decided to do a bit of a recap, especially since the list changed a bit since I first started this project.  Having played WHFB for a long time I was looking to get into 40K for various reasons.  Most of my gamer friends are heavily involved in 40K, not so much into the Fantasy side of the game.  I also had hit a 'burn-out' stage when it came to WHFB and was looking for something to get the juices flowing and rekindle my interest in the gaming scene.  I am also waiting for the various 8th edition Army Books to hit a critical mass that will solve some of the competitive problems with WHFB that I believe exist right now. (I am working on a DoC WHFB build at this time..more to come)