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Iron Wolves - 40K - Recap from awhile back.

This was published 2 years ago on a defunct blog, but since I have been working on this army for 2 years I have decided to restart up my own blog to capture the information and painting I have done.  With the advent of 7th Edition and the forth coming new SW Codex, much has changed.  I have stayed true to the Iron Wolves build and intend to continue it.

     I've decided to do a bit of a recap, especially since the list changed a bit since I first started this project.  Having played WHFB for a long time I was looking to get into 40K for various reasons.  Most of my gamer friends are heavily involved in 40K, not so much into the Fantasy side of the game.  I also had hit a 'burn-out' stage when it came to WHFB and was looking for something to get the juices flowing and rekindle my interest in the gaming scene.  I am also waiting for the various 8th edition Army Books to hit a critical mass that will solve some of the competitive problems with WHFB that I believe exist right now. (I am working on a DoC WHFB build at this time..more to come)

     So after doing a lot of research into what army I wanted to play, wanted to model/paint, and would 'fit' a style that encompassed the above, I settled on Wolves.  I'm aware of the strengths of various builds and the list I chose doesn't really take advantage of a lot of them.  However, I wanted to do a themed army that would also be reasonably competitive.  As 6th Edition seems to be right around the corner, I also wanted a well-rounded force that could be tailored to fit changes that will come with the new ruleset.  I also have never had a chance to paint armored vehicles and really wanted to try out a bunch of techniques and learn new ways to paint.  After reading the following in the codex: (We went past 6th and are now in 7th..awaiting the new SW Codex next weekend)

"The armored assaults of Egil's Company are famous across the Fenris system, typified by great roaming packs of transport vehicles that cut off the prey's escape routes whilst Egil's heavy tanks tear bloody chunks out of the enemy army."

I knew I needed to do a 'Iron Wolves' Great Company build.....

The List and Notes

Rune Priest w Chooser, Saga of Beastslayer - 120 points
Serious mixed emotions on this, I know RPs are considered 'must-have' by many, but I don't know that he really fits the theme.  I'd personally rather have a Battle Leader or even a Wolf Priest leading this army, but not sure I can afford to drop him and be even remotely competitive.
Status:  Have not built a model yet, have some ideas on what i want to do.

Grey Hunter Packs - 1 at 8 figures (RP in here), 2 at 9 Figures: with Melta, Wulfen, Std, Rhino.  
                               All 3 squads have attached Wolf Guard w PF, Combi Melta
                               Rhinos:  Dozer Blades
                               Squad 1 - 190 pts
                               Squad 2,3 - 205 pts
Got to have these guys and I really like the figures and Rhinos.  I keep considering whether to add more, by dropping a unit detailed below.
Status:    Rhinos are done with the exception of the 3 dozer blades from FW being picked up at 
             Adepticon.  Squads are done with following exceptions:
             Standard Bearers:  I've converted them and they're waiting for paint.  Free-hand makes
                                        me nervous, so probably last thing I do.
             Wulfen:  Still deciding how to do these.  Do I do a converted hands/head 'werewolf' look,
                          or something more no helmet/ 2 hand weapons.  All the rest of the
                          Iron Wolves are helmeted to keep what I believe is their background 'fluff'.

Wolf Guard - 3 figures w PF, Combi-Melta (attached to GH Squads)
                    Razorback w Twin-linked Lascannon.
                    204 pts
I know there are 2 schools of thought on GH builds (at least), but I prefer the attached Wolf Guard variety.  So, each squad gets one of these guys and the Razorback sits back and provides some Lascannon support.  This gives me another threat vehicle and fits the build imo.
Status:  Wolfguard are built/primed and next up on the paint list.  All my Wolf Guard 
            have been modeled with wolf skins and other stuff to make them stand-out from the
            Grey Hunters.
            Both Razorbacks are done (see below unit also)

Wolf Guard - 3 figures w Combi-Meltas
                    Razorback w Twin-linked Lascannon
                    144 pts
Ok, this was just my attempt to squeeze another Razorback into the list at the cheapest cost, but still viable.  It is the first thing I keep swapping out when I'm changing/tweaking the list.  Definitely up for review or change.
Status:  Same as above


 Wolf Guard Terminators - 5 figures w Storm Bolter/Power Weapon
                                       Land Raider Crusader
                                       425 pts
I didn't have any Terminators in my initial list, but I love the models and think they definitely fit the Iron Wolves background.  They are just a vanilla build, mainly because I can't squeeze the points unless I start dropping stuff (which is possible and the point of the post!).  The Landraider is a must in the list, but I do keep waffling on what type to build.
Status:  I'm looking at them....but haven't decided how to build this unit out yet. Waiting for 
            FW parts, so I've got some time before I start feeling guilty.  I also ordered a MkIIb 
            Landraider..but thinking about an eventual Horus Heresy army, so leaning away from
            using it here.  I already have the Crusader/Redeemer variant.

Fast Attack

I originally had 3 Land Speeder Typhoons in the build, but have gradually dropped it to one LS w MM.  This is another unit that I keep thinking about dropping.  I just can't decide if they fit the background, and if they should be replaced by a unit of bikes...or even Thunder Wolves!  Anyway, 60 points available here..or I keep the Landspeeder...
Status:  I own the Land Speeder models and some bikes, but am putting off this slot until I decide what to do.

Heavy Support

Predator w Twin-Linked Lascannons and Lascannon sponsons - 165 pts
Predator w Twin-Linked Lascannons and Lascannon sponsons - 165 pts 
A lot of points per, but part of the backbone of the list.  I really like the models , once you add FW extra-armor to them and they are staying in this particular build.
Status:  Both models are completed.


Vindicator w Siege Shield - 125 pts     
Another unit that adds to the armored threat total.  It also fits the Iron Wolves to a tee and is staying in the list.
Status:  Assembled, primed, base-coated and I'm working on it now.  I'm still experimenting with various frisking techniques and plan to write an article about this down the road.  That big Siege shield surface is perfect for stuff like frisking graphics onto.


So, if you've slogged your way through this then you're in perfect position to help me out.  I know I can't put everything I want into a 2k list...but...there are things I wish I could fit and need some help.
My big questions/wish list items are:

     Do I have to have a Rune Priest to be even remotely competitive?
     What would be the best HQ unit to lead Iron Wolves?
     I would love an Iron Priest for obvious reasons. How would you build him?
     I would also love to add a Dreadnought somehow..see any way?
     How to build the Terminator unit?
     Which variant of Landraider to use based on the build?

Ok, that's a lot but you guys know the game a lot better than I do.  Please help me figure this out.  
(So that's what I was thinking 2 years has changed except the Iron Wolves and a ton of armor...just wanted to introduce the change to 40K and get this thing going.)

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